Who We Are:  

SCCEBA is a private, non-profit organization of individuals and clean energy business and industry leaders dedicated to growing a clean energy economy in South Carolina. 

Our Mission: 

To promote a business friendly environment for clean energy adoption and industry growth in South Carolina

What We Do For You:

  • Develops, advocates and implements clean energy policies with our business members and partner organizations
  • Provides educational and networking opportunities for clean energy business and industry leaders throughout the year at Business Roundtables and our annual Clean Energy Summit
  • Promotes member news about clean energy industry accomplishments in quarterly newsletters and email newsflashes 
  • Conducts an annual census of SC's clean energy industry
  • Awards recognition for clean energy outstanding achievement; and
  • Supports economic development activities to grow a clean energy economy in South Carolina. 

2017 Program of Work:

This year, SCCEBA is working to educate communities about the value of C-PACE (Commercial-Property Assessed Clean Energy), a new, innovative long-term financing mechanism for high performance clean energy building upgrades for commercial, industrial, nonprofit, agricultural, and multifamily properties that will increase property values and tenant occupancies, lower ownership and operation costs, and boost clean energy job growth across South Carolina.

SCCEBA is partnering with the SC Solar Business Alliance (SCSBA), a solar trade association comprised of solar developers, engineers, procurement and construction contractors, professional service firms, equipment distributors and manufacturers engaged in the business of solar power generation in SC and throughout the U.S., to advocate for the enactment of Renewable Energy Property Tax Act legislation during the 2017 legislative session to create business certainty by making property tax policies predictable, to reduce the amount of time it takes to initiate a project by establishing a baseline for which DER property would be taxed, and to ensure projects are economically viable by guaranteeing a reasonable rate of return on an investor's/developers’ investment.

SCCEBA is also developing a Clean Transportation Plan for South Carolina.  We are studying and surveying national best practices for clean transportation in order to shape statewide policies for programs, initiatives and incentives to improve our state’s clean transportation landscape and economy.

SCCEBA’s annual 2017 Clean Energy Summit will be held on Thursday, September 21.  We hope you will join us here to learn about C-PACE and other landmark state policies that are being enacted at the South Carolina General Assembly, receive updates on national trends in the solar industry, plans for developing a state energy plan, and clean technology innovations that are creating new markets for our clean energy partners in South Carolina.

We welcome you to join SCCEBA to be part of our clean energy industry alliance that is shaping our state’s clean energy future and helping grow a clean energy economy in South Carolina.