SCCEBA Business Roundtable: Clean Transportation

  • SCANA 100 Scana Parkway Cayce, SC, 29172 United States

Mark Your Calendars!

In partnership with SCANA, SCCEBA will host a roundtable discussion on our Clean Transportation Plan.

This is the second SCCEBA Business Roundtable dedicated to Clean Transportation and will largely focus on developing a sense of "the desired state" for the clean transportation market in South Carolina. SCCEBA's Clean Transportation Plan will outline solutions for market growth in all commercially available alternative fuels including liquid biofuels, gaseous fuels, electrics and fuel/transportation efficiency.

Registration for this Roundtable is open!

The audience for this Roundtable will be comprised of state and local decision makers, clean transportation industry representatives, mass transportation representatives, and the driving public. 

For more information, please contact Andrew Epting at