2016 SC Clean Energy Summit
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2016 SC Clean Energy Summit Speakers

Innovative Financing for High Performance Building Upgrades: C-PACE

SCCEBA championed South Carolina’s Commercial-Property Assessed Clean Energy legislation at the SC General Assembly during the 2015-16 legislative sessions. C-PACE will provide a new, innovative long-term financing mechanism for high performance clean energy building upgrades that will lower ownership and operating costs, increase property values, tenant occupancies, and create jobs to boost South Carolina's economy. Speakers will highlight how SC can establish their own C-PACE programs that will generate new opportunities for clean energy companies, lenders, and property owners across SC.

SoLAR Property Tax 101: EXPLAINED BY Experts

Property tax on residential and commercial solar projects is changing in South Carolina. Speakers will discuss the current state and the future state of compliance reporting, valuation, assessment and how to determine fair market value for the purpose of taxation for commercial solar property.  

Keynote Address: 

National and Southeastern Trends in Clean Energy and the Solar Energy Industry

BOB GIBSON, Smart Electric Power Association

South Carolina’s Clean Energy Policies: State Energy Plan Development

Speakers will address the process for developing South Carolina’s State Energy Plan, support for a clean transportation economy, implications for energy consumers and economic development in South Carolina.

New Clean Energy Markets: Opportunities for SC to Lead in the Southeast

Speakers will highlight new utility-grade energy storage technologies, new residential geothermal tax credit, and new natural gas fleet vehicle income and property tax credits that are creating new markets for our clean energy industry partners across South Carolina.