SC Energy Freedom Act

“Chaos is simply order waiting to be deciphered” – Jose Saramago, The Double

Last May, the General Assembly’s actions on the “solar bill” seemed like sheer chaos. We wondered, with others, if order would come before our state ran off the “cap cliff” for residential solar within the regulated utility system.  Indeed, it appears that chaos has been “deciphered,” and the General Assembly is working to adopt order through a sensible, consensus-driven approach away from that cliff. 
The South Carolina Energy Freedom Act (H.3659) offers a solid, logical transition for solar beyond the provisions of Act 236 of 2014, and SCCEBA heartily applauds the extensive collaborative work that created the compromise version of this legislation.

While the compromise bill is focused primarily on solar to the exclusion of other forms of distributed generation, SCCEBA understands this is merely reflective of current conditions in the South Carolina market and not an intentional effort to avoid broader clean energy policy development.  And, we do not believe this factor should hinder passage of the legislation.
Nevertheless, we caution the Legislature that the clean energy market is changing rapidly  - more rapidly than laws can be made – and ask that they realize that their efforts to address energy policy need to continue in earnest and not wait until the next clean energy “cliff” is reached.
To that end, SCCEBA respectfully suggests that the General Assembly include clean energy matters in their annual course of business, much as the budget and education are already.  The clean energy market requires as much, and the state’s citizenry deserve as much.
Beyond the solar aspects, the compromise version of H. 3659 includes provisions that are firmly grounded in the principals of transparency and open public discourse, and SCCEBA makes note of these with approval because they are hallmarks of good public policy.
The bill requires that utilities:

  • offer multiple – rather than just one – future scenarios into their annual Integrated Resource Plan filings, including scenarios with higher integration of renewable energy and energy efficiency,

  • file a voluntary renewable program for commercial and industrial customers that protects against cost-shifting, and 

  • increases the level of scrutiny used in regulatory proceedings to approve new power generation proposals, including the allowance of a third-party evaluation if determined to be in the best interest of the public.

Each of these provisions acknowledges the increasing role diverse voices and perspectives in the energy marketplace by affirmatively including such during Commission proceedings.  Historically, state law has hampered such critical conversation, even if unintentionally.
 As the Senate continues its deliberations on H.3659, SCCEBA will be reaching out to lawmakers to offer this SCCEBA POLICY PERSPECTIVE. We encourage our members and supporters to do the same.



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