Growing SC's Clean Energy Industry

The South Carolina Clean Energy Business Alliance (SCCEBA) is an association of clean energy business and industry leaders, nonprofit, utility, and government representatives, and individuals dedicated to promoting a business-friendly environment for clean energy adoption and growth in South Carolina.  SCCEBA is the leading South Carolina nonprofit devoted to shaping public policy and driving market development to create clean energy jobs and a robust clean energy economy in our state.  

Founded in the fall of 2011, SCCEBA works every day to develop, advocate and implement clean energy programs, policies, economic development activities and educational forums to support South Carolina’s existing clean energy industry and to attract new business and economic opportunities to South Carolina. SCCEBA is the voice for the clean energy industry in South Carolina.  

Throughout the year, SCCEBA provides clean energy educational forums through our quarterly business roundtables and our annual clean energy summit where attendees can learn about statewide and national trends, policies, and innovative technologies that are creating new markets for our clean energy partners in South Carolina. 

We promote clean energy business news and advocate for policies, such as C-PACE and the Renewable Energy Economic Development and Jobs Act that help advance our state's clean energy industry.

Join SCCEBA today to be part of our clean energy industry alliance that is shaping our state’s clean energy future and helping grow a clean energy economy in South Carolina.


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